Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Dear Friends,

We write this letter with excitement and love to you, the birth parent(s) of a special child. There is much to say, and we wish to be able to communicate effectively with you. Thank you for taking time to read our letter and possibly check us out further! What you are going through is a unique situation and is surely trying, and we commend you for your bravery, faith, and endurance. We feel for you, we love you, and we respect your decisions.

Our names are Rusty (short for Russell) and Amy, and we have been married for eight wonderful years. Our dating period was fast and exciting, and Amy just knew that there was nothing in the way of marrying this wonderful man! Amy says, “Of course, he had to notice me first, and it took some funny experiences, including slipping on ice while trying to impress him by playing basketball, literally “poking” fun of him (just a poke!), and bonding over yummy cake that a friend made, before we really got to know each other!“

These ten years have been wonderful , yet not without the trials of life, and the course of events has made us all the more experienced and wise. There wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle of course; everything has made us stronger, and our relationship stronger as well. We’ve worked hard to establish a good, stable, happy life with a modest home that we enjoy working on; great careers with wonderful potential, support, and benefits; and a healthy lifestyle. We understand each other so well, we know how to communicate, and we love to spend as much time as possible together. Right now, there’s nothing more meaningful or enjoyable than to just be together, even if it is working in the yard or just sitting together watching TV. Our two cats and dog are some of the lights in our life, and we have had many happy moments with our furry babies! Of course, they do not replace the family we desire, but having them as a part of our family reminds us of how special each spirit is to our Heavenly Father, even the creatures of the earth.

There is one ward in our town, which actually covers four nearby towns, including our own. Still, it is a large ward, and we love the people in it. It definitely has a home-town feeling with that special kind of unity of long-time residents. Rusty’s calling is Young Men’s Second Counselor, which is just perfect because he loves to participate in and help the boys in their outdoors adventures. Amy’s calling is Primary Chorister, giving her the opportunity to teach Gospel messages through music – what could be better? A good part about that calling is that most of the young children don’t notice when she sings off-key! J Amy is also the Ward Young Women’s Camp Director and Ward Book Club Leader! That last one just started, so we can’t say much about that yet! Both of our callings give us opportunities to do things we love: be outdoors, camp, hike, sing, listen to music, try to play music on the piano or guitar (we’re still trying!), ride bikes, walk our dog, read (Rusty loves historical accounts and novels, and Amy loves anything with a good plot and message), improve ourselves, learn more about the Gospel, share our love for others, and have opportunities to serve.

Amy’s family is in the ward as well. Although only a few of our immediate family are members of the Church with Amy and her family being converts, Rusty’s extended family (is huge) and are members. We love all of our family, near and far, and most of our travels are destined for visits with them. Family is important to us, and we cherish the thought of our own future children forming bonds with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The traditions we’ve established with holidays and weekends, summer projects, and adventures are ones that we know would be valuable, memorable, happy, and Spiritual for our family.

Rusty works as a bank manager, having recently become manager of a larger bank after managing a smaller branch for less than a year. Amy is teaching her third year of kindergarten and enjoys the challenges of the students’ needs and personalities. Another note by Amy: I also get to sing, dance, move around and wiggle, do art, and meet the needs of some very precious souls every day! Each day brings challenges and success in the little things for both of us. We truly love to help others in their individual needs, and we love to see people grow and find success. Of course, when we are placed with a child for adoption, we plan on Amy staying home to fulfill the best career, motherhood. We both feel that we have experienced many ups and downs and ins and outs of life so that we understand what it means to sacrifice and give of oneself completely for someone else, and to be ready to teach, love, help, guide, and be there for a child! It is something we understand more now, especially after having the experiences working with people and children at work and church, and with our families, including our beloved niece and nephew!

How to contact us:

Rusty: 541-784-5846

Amy: 541-784-5845 – search “Oregon” and Rusty and Amy


This would be our first child, if we are placed with a baby. We are forging our own path as we go, and we are aware of the potential challenges and uncertainties that we may encounter along the way. Certainly, you have your own challenges and questions, and we are more than willing to communicate with you! We would like to meet with you and exchange emails. If you decide to place your baby with us, we would be open to sending letters, pictures, and gifts, if you so choose. As parents, we intend to lead our children with the principles of the Gospel and the prophet, to fulfill our roles as husband, wife, father, and mother to the best of our abilities. We believe in teaching our beliefs, morals, values, rules, and expectations by example as well as through experiences of work, service, stories, environment (music, books, movies, and daily life), planning, research and thought, and prayer. We hope we’ve created a home where the Spirit dwells and where our children may gain their own testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel, that Jesus Christ lives, and He died for us that we might live again.

We know we won’t be perfect, but we know we will do our best. The eternal perspective really helps us keep our priorities in order, and we keep working each day for our future children and for our current family. Thank you again for taking time to read this and to think about us. We hope that you may be able to find answers you need, and that you may be comforted now and in the future. May the Lord bless you.

With love,

Rusty and Amy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Under Construction

We are Amy and Rusty Mentes.

We are currently compiling everything we need to introduce ourselves to birth moms looking for a family to adopt their sweet baby. Please check back soon. If you would like to contact us, please leave a comment! Thank you!